Guide to Sexual Health


If you’re a teen, 这是一个寻找小费的好地方, 关于性健康的建议和信息, relationships, your body and more.


As you enter puberty, 你会经历很多变化, 包括外表, brain development and thinking ability and changes in social interaction. Many factors, including genes, family, friends, values, neighbors and others in society can affect how puberty impacts you and other young people.

青少年不会同时进入青春期. Male bodies tend to show the physical signs of puberty between the ages of 11–14, 而女性的青春期通常会稍早一些, 8-13岁之间.

而每个青少年的身体都是不同的, here’s a list of physical changes that happen to bodies during puberty:


  • 身高体重增加
  • Body hair grows in the pubic area, under the arms and on the face and becomes thicker on the legs
  • Muscles become stronger
  • 声带变粗变长,声音变深
  • 汗腺和油腺变得更加活跃,体味也发生了变化
  • 痤疮(丘疹)可能会发展
  • 阴茎和阴囊成熟,睾丸开始制造精子


  • 身高体重增加
  • 体毛生长在阴部、腋下和腿上
  • Breast buds appear; nipples become raised and this area may be tender
  • 汗腺和油腺变得更加活跃,体味也发生了变化
  • Voice changes
  • 痤疮(丘疹)可能会发展
  • 卵巢变大,激素分泌开始
  • Ovulation and menstruation (periods) begin, making it possible for a pregnancy to occur

你可能知道你身体部位的所有愚蠢的名字, but it’s also good to know the medically accurate terms for your genitals. This is important so you can effectively communicate with a health care provider about your body or if you need to report abuse. Becoming familiar with this terminology also increases your ability to set appropriate physical and emotional boundaries with family, friends and partners.



好朋友可以帮助你感到勇敢和自信. They are like a personal support group that can create a sense of belonging and safety.  It’s important to choose friends who are positive, accepting and supportive.

As you get older, some of your friendships will start to change, and some may grow deeper. You might also begin to know many more people, although not all of them will be your close friends. 同伴压力在友谊中扮演着重要的角色. If someone is vulnerable to peer pressure, the relationship is not balanced. Remember that you have the right and duty to stand up for what you believe is right. 如果你不同意,你有说“不”的自由.


The key to a healthy relationship is to make sure that both parties are happy and that they support and care for each other. Getting into a relationship and making sure that it’s healthy takes some serious work. And that means you’re on point with communication, trust and respect. The best relationships are built on trust, communication and honesty. Don’t expect your partner to read your mind—if you want something, you have to talk about it. 爱意味着尊重你的伴侣,因为他们是谁, 不要把你所有的时间都花在试图改变他们上.

Teen Violence

Love should never hurt, but statistics show 1 in 3 teens are the victim of teen dating violence. 青少年约会暴力对男女都有影响, 暴力造成的破坏会产生深远的影响. 这些后果会伴随受害者一生. Teens that experience teen dating violence have higher rates of experiencing intimate partner violence as adults. 如果你的伴侣强迫你做任何事, 尤其是性方面的东西, 那么他们就不重视你的安全或你的感受. Speak out, speak up, 如果你知道有人可能处于不健康的关系中, 对一个值得信任的成年人说些什么.


One of the passages of adolescence is the development and understanding of sexuality. 这包括了解你的身体, gender identity, 性取向和性行为的价值观. 在青春期,许多青少年开始探索他们的性取向. 

对于所有的青少年来说,这是一个具有挑战性的转变. 但对于那些质疑自己性取向的青少年来说, 或者认为自己是女同性恋者, gay, bisexual, 跨性别或酷儿(LGBTQ), 这会是一种很孤独的感觉, 困难和威胁的转变. 

It can also be a difficult time for families, who may have fears and questions of their own. It is crucial for you to get support and understanding from your friends, family and other adults when you have questions about sexual orientation and gender identity.


Birth Control

你对未来有目标和梦想.  如果你的性行为会导致怀孕, effective birth control can help you reach those goals and avoid a pregnancy until you’re ready.  Tulsa Health Department offers confidential and private pregnancy testing and birth control options. Parental consent may be required for those under the age of 18 years. 

Contraceptive Types

禁欲:100%有效. Abstinence is the safest and most effective pregnancy and STD prevention method. It requires that you avoid any behaviors that might result in exchange of bodily fluids that can result in pregnancy or can transmit STDs, including HIV. It also means not engaging in any skin-to-skin genital touching that could transmit certain STDs.

解释:99%有效. Nexplanon is a flexible plastic rod the size of a matchstick that is put under the skin of a woman’s arm. 3年后必须更换或拆卸. 它不能预防性病或艾滋病. 由卫生保健提供者插入/移除/替换.

The IUD: 99% effective. The IUD is a small, T-shaped, flexible plastic or copper device that is inserted into the uterus. 它不能预防性病或艾滋病. 由卫生保健提供者插入/取出/更换.

射击(Depo-Provera): 99%有效. 如果使用不当,97%. Depo-Provera是一种激素注射,每3个月服用一次. 它不能预防性病或艾滋病. 由卫生保健提供者管理的.

Birth Control Pills: 99% effective, 92% effective if pills are skipped or not taken on time. There are many different kinds, but all must be taken at the same time each day. 它们不能预防性病或艾滋病.

戒指(NuvaRing): 99%有效,如果使用不完美则为92%. A round, flexible ring is inserted into the vagina and left in place for 3 weeks. nuving不能预防性病或艾滋病.

The Patch (Xulane): 99% effective; 91% if not used perfectly. The patch is applied to the skin once a week for 3 weeks and may be applied to eight different areas on the body. 它不能预防性病或艾滋病.

External Condom (Male): 98% effective if used correctly, 85% if not careful each time. The male condom is made from latex; however, if an allergy to latex exists there are polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms. 它确实有助于预防性病和艾滋病. 它不能与内套(女用)同时使用.

Internal Condom (Female): 95% effective if used correctly, 79% if not careful each time. The internal (female) condom is latex-free and cannot be used at the same time as an external (male) condom. 它确实有助于预防性病和艾滋病.



Anyone who has had sex or engages in sexual activity may be at risk for a sexually transmitted disease (STD). 它们通过无保护的口腔在人与人之间传播, 肛交和阴道性交以及皮肤对皮肤的生殖器接触.  艾滋病毒也可以通过其他危险行为传播, 比如共用用于吸毒的针头, tattoos and piercings.

大多数性传播疾病患者没有症状. 虽然所有的性传播疾病都是可以治疗的,但有些是无法治愈的. 如果你性生活活跃, talk to your health care provider and parent/trusted adult about regular testing. See our resource page for more information about where to get tested.


1. Bacterial infections are curable but you can catch them over and over again. If left untreated, they can cause permanent damage to the reproductive tract.

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Syphilis

2. 病毒感染是无法治愈的. 只有他们的症状可以通过药物控制. The Hepatitis B vaccine is required for students to attend school in Oklahoma. 建议所有青少年接种HPV系列疫苗.

  • HIV(人类免疫缺陷病毒)
  • 人乳头瘤病毒
  • Herpes
  • Hepatitis B

如果你认为你可能被诊断患有性病,不要惊慌. 致电918预约私人预约.582.WELL (9355). Our clinic staff are easy to talk to and can answer any questions about STD prevention, testing and treatments.

STD Testing Resources